Association of Independent Aviation Advisers
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This Code of Conduct describes the guidelines and behaviour expected of the members of the Association of Independent Aviation Advisers (AIAA).  It is applicable to all professional activities in which the member is engaged in the field of aviation safety and advice.


The purpose of the AIAA is to provide:

  • A common guideline, giving clients confidence in receiving the same high standard of auditing, advice and quality of service from any Association member
  • Clients with a wide range of expertise and skill sets
  • Potential sharing opportunities for clients, for example, if multiple client audits can be arranged
  • A forum where aviation safety and related matters may be discussed and non-commercial information exchanged

Business Practices

AIAA members and business associates are free to discuss a wide range of aviation issues during regular meetings and through other means of communication.  For clarity, AIAA members will not discuss or disclose to each other any confidential or sensitive information exchanged between individual members and their clients.  To avoid any potential conflict of interest, members agree that they remain in competition with one another, although they are free to contract each other's services. Members take particular care to ensure that their business relationships are not open to misinterpretation and that their individual costings are not shared nor agreed between them.


Formal and informal communication should be professional and respectful and refrain from discussions that might damage the reputation of AIAA, its members, or business associates.  Members should not imply that the AIAA has endorsed any policy, initiative or communication unless this has been specifically agreed by a quorum of members in advance.  (A quorum shall consist of no less than two thirds of the current members of the Association.)


It is the responsibility of each member to observe the most current AIAA Code of Conduct as published on the AIAA website (